Superior Craftsmanship

W2W Commercial Flooring expertise goes way beyond just installation of carpet and hard surface flooring. Our skilled craftsmen take pride in the delivering the highest level services and installation methodologies available in the industry. Whether it’s carpet, vinyl and LVT, ceramic and stone, tile, terrazzo, vinyl, rubber flooring, or any other flooring material, our workforce of professional craftsmen know how to install it.

We work around your schedule and with your team to get each project completed on time and coordinated with other construction trades. From the architect to the design firm, general contractor, and of course the manufacturer, we collaborate with your team so the installation of your flooring goes as smoothly as possible.


Our projects cover the gamut of commercial facilities, including corporate offices, airports, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, convention centers, hospitals and other health care facilities, libraries, government buildings, athletic facilities, performing arts, manufacturing plants, clean rooms, and educational facilities.

Experienced Teams

With W2W Commercial Flooring on the job you will rest assured that the craftsmen installing your floor not only take pride in their work, but take pride in their company and its hard-earned reputation. Our professional installers and technicians are trained with the skills needed to provide our clients with the best possible service. You have our name on it.

LIFT® Systems

LIFT is an installation technique utilized in retail and open-office environments. Rather than removing and reinstalling shelves and work stations, electrical cables and communication lines, which can become cost-prohibitive, we lift shelves, work stations, and office equipment right in place, remove the old carpet, install the new flooring, and lower the furniture and equipment without moving it.

LIFT work is typically performed at off-hours so your business is not interrupted.

Floor Remediation

A finished floor can be no better than the sub-floor underneath. When floors fail, it is in many cases not the fault of the product that is on top, but rather the concrete slab underneath. High levels of pH and moisture vapor in a concrete substrate can adversely affect the adhesive bond of new floor covering, which may ultimately result in bond failure.

Our craftsmen know how to work with concrete and how to bring it into industry tolerances to insure your finished floors will not fail, because of moisture issues.


Armstrong Level 3 Certification in Our Salt Lake City Warehouse

Wall 2 Wall installers undergoing Level 3 Certification from Armstrong Flooring. Level 3 is Armstrong’s highest certification and it covers hospital and clean room work as well as advanced flash coving and floor inlays and design. These mechanics are the only Level 3 Certified Installers in Utah, Idaho, Nevada and Montana.